Energetek’s mission is to deliver measurable energy results and the highest quality client experience.

Connecting Procurement & Sustainability.

We help our clients bring their procurement and sustainability teams together. Not only is this important for budgetary reasons, but we believe that looking at the whole picture is the best way to reach ESG goals.

Life-Long Client Relationships.

We believe that successful selling is about the transfer of trust. Our business model is client focused so when you win, we win. You can’t put a dollar amount on a good reputation; it can’t be bought, it is earned.

We’re Market-Focused.

Energetek has full market vision and incorporates not only market futures, but historical trends. We’re in the business of energy so you can focus on what’s most important to you; your business.

Meet the Cofounders

Eva Gerrits

Cofounder & CEO

Etek Co-Founder with 7 years of environmental business experience and 6 years of energy leadership. Eva holds a B.S. in Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior from Rutgers University.
Currently serving on the Board for WEN Philadelphia as the Education Director.

Kristin DeBias

Cofounder & President

Etek Co-Founder with over 8 years of sales experience. Kristin also holds 5 years of leadership and development, team building, and talent acquisition.
Proudly part of NAIOP Philadelphia’s Mentorship Program and member of the Content Committee.
Currently serving on the Board for WEN Philadelphia as President-Elect.

Meet the Team

Nicholas Gerome

Chief Operating Officer & CTA

Nathan Burroughs

Chief Compliance Officer

Robert Gerrits

Certified Energy Manager (C.E.M.)

Martin Benante



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