Areas of Expertise

Energy Procurement

Strategy-based power and natural gas contracts that maximize savings and protection for your company. Energetek manages your energy portfolio, negotiates contract terms, and provides ongoing market recommendations.

Commodity Management

Multi-site clients use our Energy Decision Software (EDS) to manage data across all commodities. EDS can be used for bill pay, environmental reporting, peak capacity forecasting, demand-side management, and more. 

Demand Response

Energetek helps to improve your site’s resiliency with comprehensive DR programs. Just like Energy Procurement, we conduct a bid to secure low and no-cost options facilitating infrastructure/generator improvements.

On-site Generation

Energy assets that provide your facility with uninterruptible power. After conducting a full utility and site analysis, Energetek matches clients with an on-site generation program that aligns with your financial goals.

Sustainability Plans & Sourcing

By developing attainable methods that build on current green efforts; Energetek will create a phase-by-phase plan based on the availability of renewable programs, energy market trends, and financial viability.

Benefits of an Energy Brokerage 

We represent you in the energy marketplace by managing custom RFP’s. Here’s what we bring to the table:

“We wholeheartedly recommend Energetek if you are looking for someone to help guide you through the complex process of energy contract negotiation and renewal.” 

– Financial Controller, Nupro Industries Corp.


It’s more than just a rate. Through market analytics, we empower our clients to take control of their energy spend. By utilizing our relationships and market intel, we provide the right energy procurement tools so you can make an educated power decision. The more you save, the more we win- we’re in this together.

  • Electric and Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas and Partial Electric
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric
  • Regulated Energy Market

Meet Sustainability Goals with Energetek

Whether your company is just beginning or in the middle of your ESG journey, you can count on Energetek to provide the sustainability options to reach your goal.

Energetek establishes phase-by-phase plans based on the availability of renewable programs, energy market trends, and financial viability. Our team diligently vets suppliers, EPCs, and financing options to ensure price competitiveness and diversity for national and international portfolios.

 Energy Decision Software

As a service to our energy supply clients, we integrate your online electric and natural gas accounts to our EDS platform, streamlining the way you manage utilities. Not only does our platform provide one place to view all your sites, but Energetek continually monitors location activity to strategize cost and usage efficiency.

The positions we recommend are dependent on the load profile, risk tolerance, and institutional needs of our client, as well as the market conditions during engagement.

Energy Assets & Site Resiliency 

We understand the importance of a site’s resiliency and can provide multiple options that fit your budget and facility bandwidth. We conduct an analysis of the utility’s available programs and your site’s operations to provide you with all available asset or program options within your desired ROI. Looking to secure an asset that fits into your ESG goals? We’ve got you covered.

Energetek is committed to assisting organizations in navigating the complexities of the energy market. With our market intelligence, vetted energy partners, and experience in managing international energy portfolios, Energetek can confidently provide a well-rounded energy strategy that all of your facilities can rely on.

Ancillary Services

Our clients like working with us because we look at the whole energy picture. They can count on us to deliver solutions that go beyond the commodities of power and gas. Our goal is to be your lifelong broker & advisor.

“As a controller, I previously shopped energy rates directly with only a few suppliers, never receiving an in-depth market view. Now, Energetek handles our energy procurement and ongoing analytics. I no longer have the time consuming task of shopping rates and I also know that when it’s contract renewal time, I can rely on them for the most competitive option.” 

– NT, manufacturing plant


Let’s talk power.