Working from home for 2 weeks or until further notice? We are right there with you! While you may be the healthiest person (according to you) it is so important to do your part to protect others. So how can you instill social distancing but still keep your business running? Energetek’s business model is about 90% in-person, so this change from going to the field to working strictly from home is a huge switch for us. Being a new business we can’t afford to put our company on hold, nor are we collecting a routine salary (pure sweat equity baby) so here’s how we’re handling it:

Make a Plan

The best way to avoid disruption and conquer a new routine is to make a plan. If you are transitioning from an in-person sales job to calls and emails, be sure to review your financial goals to help set numbers for each day. Use this time to complete all follow-ups with potential clients, reconnect with clients you haven’t spoken to in a while to check in and set real intentions to move contracts forward. Kristin and I have sales and operations goals each day, because breaking up our day and using our time wisely will ensure we don’t take a big dip in profit. We also have weekly goals that we set to complete by COB on Friday or if needed by latest Sunday night. Even though our normal day to day has changed, our work ethic hasn’t.

Stick to a Schedule

If you do not typcially work from home, you may be thinking that this transition period could come with a lot of distractions; strive to keep your schedule. If not already in place, schedule a morning call with your team or business partner to start the day. On the call review day and weekly goals, team member check-ins, and any company policy updates. Even though you can wear sweats all day or not even change out of your PJs, work to maintain your sleep schedule so you can be up in the AM ready to work (in sweats for me).

Consideration is Key

Depending on where your clients are located and the type of industry they are in, they could be already working from home, making the transition to work remotely, or business as usual. It is important to ask your clients or potential clients how their business plans to operate in the coming weeks so you can work with them accordingly. Offer clients a way to set up a conference call or even a video call. Do you best to make remote working easy for your clients because not only will they appreciate it, but you’re bound to get more business when you add in consideration.

Complete Operational Tasks

Just like I’m sure people will take this time at home to work on house projects, this is the time to complete your long-awaited operational to-do list. Clean out old emails, update client contact information, organize your files, update your website and social media platforms, and dive into your marketing material. While you may not have as much sales time, you can use your remote work time to organize better now and set yourself up for more success.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home!

Written by Eva Gerrits