8 minutes and 46 seconds. Enough is enough. 

Energetek Founders & the entire Etek team stand with the Black Community. We are long overdue as a Nation and as a world when it comes to ending racism, violence, and police brutality. Change starts within, then to our social circles, then to our communities, through participation, donations, conversations, and online advocacy. We’re in the fight with you. Change is and needs to happen.

How We Are Getting Involved


We can’t just say, we need to act. To stay silent or neutral would be detrimental to the fight for equality. Etek CEO participated in a peaceful BLM protest to show unity with the black community because racism and police brutality needs to end. We promise to get more involved in fighting for what is right.


We’re putting our money where our mouth is. Etek President researched various organizations and our team chose to donate $200 to Black Girls Code because we believe it’s important to support an organization that not only empowers growth but urges girls of color to establish their careers. This organization provides a platform for girls to become part of the tech community and whizzes in all things computer science. Their vision is to train 1 million girls by 2040 in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Having Conversations

We have always thought it was important to talk about what’s happening here in the US and the world, and luckily our families have too. But, it’s time for more conversations and even uncomfortable ones. We are talking more at home, with friends, and with our team about past and current injustices and what we need to do to stop injustice in the future. Change starts at home and with friends so we also encourage you to have more conversations about race, politics, the importance of voting, voicing your opinion, standing up for what is right and just, and what it means to be a good human and ally.

Social Media Advocacy

We wanted to show our unity on our social platforms (The Power Move Blog, Twitter, Instagram) to share with our followers where we stand and what we believe. We vow to be more vocal online with Black Lives Matter and other social and environmental movements.