Pro & Con: Orsted Project

While the Orsted project is still tied up in lawsuits and controversy, here is some insight into the pros and cons of the project’s cancellation.

Pros of the Orsted wind project cancellation:

  • Environmental Concerns: Some may argue that canceling the project could address environmental concerns associated with offshore wind farms, such as potential impacts on marine ecosystems and wildlife.

Cons of the Orsted wind project cancellation:

  • Renewable Energy Generation: The cancellation may be seen as a setback for renewable energy goals, as offshore wind projects are considered a clean and sustainable source of energy.
  • Economic Impact: The cancellation could have economic implications, including job losses in the renewable energy sector and potential missed opportunities for economic growth in the region.
  • Energy Independence: Offshore wind projects contribute to energy independence by reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. The cancellation may hinder progress toward a more diversified and sustainable energy mix.


While these are just a brief look at the pros and cons, keep in mind this does not take into account other factors such as politics, the NJ shore economy, and other closed-door considerations.