• Perspective: nouna particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; the true understanding of the relative importance of things; a sense of proportion 

Another year in the books and the time of reflection and planning for the year to come is upon us. As we sit down to assess our “score cards” on what we achieved and maybe what we didn’t; I can think of no better theme for 2022 than that of “perspective”. This theme seems to resonate not just with Etek, but of the broader workforce. Every individual has a sense of what is important to them, which is now being applied to where they work. Most of the events I have attended this year with various real estate development professionals, architects, and the like, have mainly revolved around the need for an office space be tailored around the individual worker and their human needs and priorities. The access of collaborative spaces instead of cubicles, the implementation of a hybrid work week, and more flexible vacation time all point to one thing – we as a workforce have defined what we deem important and will not settle for less just because of our careers. We are now seeing the mindset shift that started because of 2020; we put things in perspective.  

Here at Etek, the same sentiment rings true. 2022 brought about the assessment of priorities. With in-person business fully up and running again, activity and sales increased by 129%. This called for a time evaluation – “what are we spending our time on and is it serving us?” With our increase in sales, we implemented another operational day into our work week to handle back-end tasks. We also invested a lot of time and effort into our partnerships which have flourished in the past year.  

This year was the year for sustainability planning. We found ourselves building out 3, fully executable sustainability timelines for 3 ESG clients. We meticulously dove into our clients’ ESG goals to present a suite of customized products that both meet their goals and their budgets.  

We also added a new service to our wheelhouse – Building Tune-Ups. We added this due to the mandated building tune-ups by the city of Philadelphia to raise awareness regarding energy efficiency. We on-boarded Robert Gerrits, our Certified Energy Manager, to conduct tune-ups across the city and beyond.  

A few additional sales highlights: 

  • First school district client 
  • 2 municipalities as clients  
  • 2 demand response clients 
  • Engaged with multiple publicly traded companies  
  • Conducted multiple solar bids  
  • Completed Building Tune-Up 

Professionally, we exceeded our goals in 2022 and are proud to announce that we have over $1M in booked revenue! We have come such a long way from where we started in 2018 and cannot wait to continue the upward trend. Etek also participated in their first panel where they spoke alongside the Director of Sustainability for the Philadelphia Eagles, on the importance of sustainability planning. This wasn’t our only panel;  Kristin was selected to speak at the NAIOP Drexel Panel where we spoke about sustainability to rising high school students around the country. Going along with our publicity tour, we participated in the American Water supplier diversity event where Eva presented a 10-minute shark tank pitch.  

Our team is excited about the year to come, and we look forward to continuing to keep the things important to us in perspective. Cheers to 2023!