In 2020, Philadelphia’s Office of Sustainability developed the Building Energy Performance Policy. This policy was instituted to urge efficient energy and water use amongst the largest buildings in Philadelphia. The Tune-Up requires an assessment of the major energy systems within the building as well as consumption practices. The goal of the Tune-Up is a 10-15% energy savings for the tenant and is projected to cut carbon pollution by 200,000 metric tons.  

Because this policy is extremely new, it is important to understand the program and its compliance deadlines. Here are a few questions we are frequently asked.  

Who is required to complete a Building Tune-Up?  

  • Building owners with large portfolios 
  • Buildings over 100,000 sq.ft. 
  • Buildings 70,000-100,000 sq.ft.  
  • Buildings 50,000-70,000 sq.ft. 

Will I be notified? 

  • Yes, the city will send out a formal letter notifying you of your Tune-Up requirements, including deadlines 

Who performs the Tune-Up’s? 

  • Professional Engineer (PE) 
  • Certified Energy Manager 
  • **All tune-up specialists must be approved by the Office of Sustainability  

What does a tune-up specialist look at? 

  • The buildings major systems 
  • Maintenance and repair schedule 
  • HVAC 
  • Lighting 
  • Water systems 
  • Building Overview 
  • Previous annual energy/water consumption review 

The next Tune-Up Deadline is September 2023 for buildings from 70,000-100,000 square feet. Energetek’s CEM, Robert Gerrits, is the perfect candidate to help navigate your tune-up needs. Reach out to or call us at 267-858-7124 for a free consultation and learn more about our painless process.