& We’re Back

For the team who based the fundamentals of their business on in-person sales calls, COVID tested us on how good we were as business owners. We shared before our immediate change to WFH, as many businesses did, without a definite end date. On how the market impacted the energy industry, which luckily for us brought in more business as prices dropped. How we balanced work/home life from, well, home with kids, family, in uncertain times. And now, here we are back in action a.k.a. back in the “field”.

Our field days consist of cold-calling on mainly industrial businesses about 4-5 days out of the week. Something that just could not happen during COVID and respectively until we felt that most businesses wouldn’t blatantly object to just showing up at the door. Deciphering when would be a good time to get back to in-person took a lot of time and observation. We waited until we knew other businesses were getting back in the office, until case numbers were down, and until we also felt comfortable. We’ve been doing this (cold-calling) for a few years now and both my partner and I were in sales well before Energetek so this type of sales strategy isn’t a new concept to us. Sometimes awkward and a little intimidating yes, but not new and obviously successful and comfortable enough. But, getting back into just showing up as the world is moving away from the heart of a pandemic

Our first in-person meeting/site visit was our beloved client Cardone Industries. It was great to be back on industrial sites and explore the inner workings of a client who has been there since the start of Energetek. Also, it was a comfortable place to throw ourselves back into the in-person scene, masks and all. Just like every client we’ve been to since that day at Cardone, we enter each building mask on unless specifically stated on the door that vaccinated persons do not have to. Of course we are looking forward to the day of no masks anywhere but it’s better to be safe than sorry and walk in respectfully first.

Our Cardone site visit was also the start of new services we are offering: Mandatory Benchmarking and Building Tune-Ups. For our industrial clients that are required to submit these type of audits, we’re handling all information gathering, monitoring, and submission, plus suggesting upgrades to increase plant efficiency. Both benchmarking and tune-ups fit well into the energy services we currently offer and further push Energetek to be the one-stop energy broker and advisor for industrial companies.