A New Definition to Visionary

There is something to be said about pioneers in the medical field. It is regarded as the field with the best and the brightest; the upper echelon of human intelligence. Being in such a competitive industry as well as a heavily regulated one, room for creativity is complex. We had the pleasure of sitting down with our client Shanthy Brown, of Brown Eye Care who used her creativity to find the solution to the eye care industry.

Nestled in the close knit neighborhood of West Mount Airy, Shanthy opened her practice in 2010. She quickly found out that the system was not only broken but mainly denied the average person the eye care they needed. Being that most health plans have limited coverage for vision or vision having it’s own separate coverages, vision care is less than affordable in most plans. Simply put, most health plans do not cover most vision and/or if they do it is an expensive plan- denying coverage to the kids out of college at their first “real job” or the single mom that is on disability. These are the people that need it most. So how do you fix it? Shanthy was determined. She knew there had to be a way to give under earning individuals access to the care they not only deserved, but could afford- something insurance companies didn’t care about. 

This was the birth of the Direct Access Eye Care Membership. Shanthy knew that gym memberships were affordable to most. So why not apply that model to health care? She created an eye care membership that anyone can pay an affordable annual fee of $60. This covers all visits/ check ups as well as discounted frames- not only affordable but high end brand names like Warby Parker and Gucci. It was a hit! Shanthy has over 35 members in her first year of launching her idea and her patients couldn’t be happier. She hopes to be expanding, opening a second office in the near future. It’s not every day you get to meet a woman who is changing the game in the medical world which is why we consider ourselves lucky to work for Shanthy Brown, giving a new definition to the title VISIONary. 

Visit her website at www.eyesonphilly.com

Written by Kristin DeBias