Utility Management for Multiple Sites

For our multi-facility clients, energy management isn’t always cohesive between locations; that’s where EDS comes in. Through Energy Decision Software, your power and natural gas accounts sync in realtime, bringing administrative ease to your energy portfolio. Based on how you operate, each of your locations could be handling things like bill pay, environmental reporting, energy supply contracts, or demand response at their individual sites. Your locations could also span over multiple utilities and be nationwide. When your head office or decision-makers need to review company-wide energy specs, pulling data from numerous sites and locations could take days or weeks – not when you have EDS. Manage all energy accounts and more in one place, one platform, that’s already organized and ready to be viewed or downloaded, with our Energy Decision Software.

As an energy procurement client, we provide EDS as a service for power and natural gas, with the option to add all utilities (water, waste, sewage, recycling, telecommunications, landscaping, and more). Hooked up through your online utility login, EDS pulls data from your invoices in realtime and can be accessed and set up for various permission logins. With Energetek as your brokerage and consultant, we’ll use your EDS platform to help further advise from a procurement standpoint, acting as another line of monitoring for your energy strategy. Below are some key features:

Bill Pay: As EDS syncs with your online utility accounts, you can pay and manage invoices from this one application. Taking bill pay a step further, EDS checks your invoices against 35 metrics to ensure what you are paying is correct. Receive flag notices if errors are noticed and we can help to dispute issues if they arise. Need PDF copies of your bills or want to view itemized invoice information? EDS again has you covered.

Active Load Management: Be aware of grid changes or price fluctuations so you can manage energy usage more efficiently. Have an onsite generator or just switched to LED lights? Manage performance of assets easily with EDS and clearly capture savings. If you’re interested in exploring when Demand Response should be used or if your facilities are DR candidates, our platform can help determine the approach best for you so you’re not left in the dark.

Peak Forecasting: Did you know that utility companies determine your energy charges by just a few hours during the summer? By first knowing when those days will be, you can reduce your demand charges and save money on energy costs. EDS provides forecasting to guide our clients to a better position in the market. We can help your facilities choose what demand-lowering actions to take so you can reap the benefits in lower charges.

Environmental Reporting: Increase efficiency efforts by syncing your Energy Star Portfolio Manager with EDS. Cut out manual tracking where errors are more likely to occur, and take advantage of EDS’ connection to your utility invoices. Compare building scores between all your sites and monitor monthly or annual changes to better reach environmental goals. EDS will also gather the data needed for: CDP, LEED, BOMA 360, ASHE, AASHE’s STARS, ISO 50001, DOE’s Better Building Challenge, and others.

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