Why Your Business Benefits with a Broker

Let’s set the scene…

Situation 1- Congratulations! You’re a new business owner, but it’s not just you; you have two other partners. You’re all getting along swimmingly; there’s not even a thought that this could ever go wrong. What if something does happen? You all know it’s good to be prepared for even the most absurd “what if” situation. You draft up a pretty good contract, but this is your life on the line; this is your livelihood. So, who do you call to make sure that every inch of that contract is secure and protects you, your hard work, and your money? You call an attorney.

Situation 2- You’re a successful business owner, pulling 3 million in revenue in your third year. That’s pretty impressive right? This year you leased 3 company cars, went on more than a few business trips, and 5 of your top executives have company credit cards. Yes, every expense was by the books; you’re running an excellent company with reputable and honest people. You recorded all transactions and have all receipts ready for tax season. But, are you going to handle your company’s write-offs and your personal ones on our own? No. Your hiring an accountant.

Sure, you’re familiar with the basic outlines of contracts, you’ve done your taxes before, and kept record through a balance sheet or accounting platform, but your profession isn’t being an attorney or accountant.

As a business owner you hire, work with, and seek advisement from a professional. When it comes to energy procurement, why wouldn’t you do the same?

Work with a professional, and better yet work with an energy broker who also provides ongoing advisement and analysis. Energy brokers monitor the energy market, just as a stockbroker studies trades in order to manage their client’s financial portfolio. These energy professionals also provide a level of indifference and non-biased opinion. Not representing one specific company leaves room for transparency and cost justification.

Why is cost of energy important to your business? Well, that’s easy; energy is a crucial part to your everyday operations and can be very costly if not handled correctly. There is more that goes into an energy decision then just the rate. By working with an energy expert, you’ll receive a competitive and custom price that is based on your business, seasonality trends, and the energy market. Brokers look at the big picture. When crafting an energy rate, past and future prices must be taken into account. Your company needs to know the right time to buy and for how long. A person within the energy profession will be able to handle this for you.

So the hard truth is that you cannot be good at everything. A successful business owner knows what they excel at and they know when to delegate. Treat energy the same as you would a legal question or balancing your books- go the experts.

Written by Eva Gerrits