Property Owners Are Partnering With Energetek for an In-Depth Energy Plan

As the Energy Information Administration is estimating natural gas to average $3.14/MMBtu in 2021 (current 2020 average is $1.882,), commercial property owners are looking for ways to take advantage of the market now; that’s where Energetek comes in. As a wholesale and retail energy broker, Energetek has a managed approach to energy buying. Customer-centric focused, Founders Eva Gerrits and Kristin DeBias, aim to create life-long relationships with their clients through results based on probability, not possibility.

Property owners oversee multiple locations, sometimes spanning through various utilities or several states, and are looking for a firm that can guide the right electric and natural gas decisions. The “right” contract doesn’t only provide savings but comes with professional market-timing and transparency into the actual cost of energy.  To approach your energy contract with tunnel vision, for example, seeking offers directly from an energy supplier, property owners could exclude themselves from a full market picture. Instead, brokers work for the benefit of building owners and go beyond just contracting a great deal. Energetek has been working with multi-site owners in determining which type of energy product (traditional retail, capped LMPs, blend and extend, heat rates, financial hedge, etc.) properly suites their location, energy goals, and market conditions during engagement.

As we begin to see an increase in volatility, Energetek forecasts the trend will continue as demand impacts from COVID, impending inflation, and lower natural gas production all support an increase in prices. This means now is a great to time explore pricing. 2022 and 2023 are showing favorable rates and Energetek can future price your contract or contract renewal, making sure your locations are favorably positioned. Contact Energetek today for a procurement plan for your buildings – it’s time for your next power move.

Photo Source: Direct Energy