Ahhhhh 2021, the ugly stepsister of 2020. This year we navigated what the “new normal” looked like when put into practice. The world navigated going back to work in various hybrid approaches while never realizing how many times in one year we would use the word “hybrid.” We overcame covid variants, cranberry sauce shortages, cotton shortages, shortages that we didn’t even know about, and a supply chain crisis that I am sure tested Santa’s patience. Overall, it has been as wild of a ride as 2020 and on a scale from 1 to fun, I would give it a 1.5. All is not lost, however. If this year taught us anything, it is two-fold. It taught us that human connection and interaction, both on the business and personal level, is something that we absolutely need. Most importantly 2021 taught us how to acclimate to change while continuing our daily lives. So, pat yourselves on the back, 2021 – we kicked your ass.  

Here at Etek, 2021 was about advancement. I can honestly say that we have entered a new phase of our business. We have graduated out of the “new business owner” phase; no longer relying on making mistakes to provide direction. We are more confident than ever before in who we are and what our standards are. Demanding respect in the industry has allowed us to have conversations with people/partners that we previously never would have thought we were qualified for. This year was about demanding a seat at the table.  

In a sales aspect, we soared. 2021 was about keeping our heads down and working the “day-to-day.” This year was all about making every day count. To list a few things we accomplished this year: 

  1. We celebrated our 100th account 
  2. We have added services like on-site generation, demand response, benchmarking, and energy efficiency audits 
  3. We took classes to expand our industry knowledge 
  4. We added well respected partners to our fold  
  5. Closed our largest client and first publicly traded client 
  6. Closed over 500k in sales  

The New Year is always a time to both look back and look forward. Relish in the moments of success and remember the moments of failure; but more importantly it is a time to plan ahead and set goals. We are beyond excited to see what 2022 will bring. A few things we hope to accomplish in the New Year:  

  1. Focus on closing more green contracts and helping our clients meet their sustainability goals 
  2. Close an international account 
  3. Continue building our network and attending more events 

Cheers to 2022 and not 2020-too. Make it your year.  




Written by: Kristin DeBias