Taking just 20 minutes to yourself in the AM to slow down before your workday speeds up can help set a positive intention for the day. Get into a routine that relaxes you but still helps you to wake up. With a world full of social media scrolling and TV binges, the last thing you want to do is have those habits be your AM go-to. So, instead of laying in bed for 20 minutes more, try one of these 20 minute morning habits that help lead to a better mood and a more successful day.


Just type in “20-minute yoga” on YouTube and a ton of great guided videos come up. Whether you want to just stretch out to get the blood flowing, discover a flow to set as your routine, or work on your flexibility, Yoga is a great way to get your day rolling. As a newbie to yoga having a guide helps me to stick to the 20 minute time and get my brain flowing as I’m working to memorize the flow. And hey, as we get older, you want to maintain flexibility, strength, and blood circulation.


With a sometimes anxiety-filled workday or just anxiety in general, learning to push out the world from your head and focus on yourself in the present is not as easy as you think. 20 minutes a day of meditation can change your mood, how you think or react in high tension situations, and just bring you a little more peace all around. You can focus on that day’s chakra, listen to a guided mediation, or just learn to let go and focus on nothing but your breathing. Find your center and focus on you.

Sit Down Breakfast

Let’s get back to the elementary school days where sitting down and eating a full meal to start the day was a given not a maybe. As much as I love eating in the car (not) using 20 minutes to actually sit down and eat some real food in the AM does wonders for your energy. As most of us right now are working from home, clocking in your first meal of the day is something we all should be doing. Keeping your energy up, stomach comfortably full, and not relying on the measly granola bar to get you through hours of work; your body will thank you. Not to mention, no one likes that awkward stomach growl at a work meeting.


Anyone who is successful reads a ton. At least that’s what “they” say and I’m here to standby that statement. What’s better- scrolling through your phone or working your brain with a book? Answering that question correctly also determines your success path. What you feel like reading is your choice but committing to grow your mind and vocabulary (even if it’s not your morning choice) will only help with your personal development. Why not enjoy your morning coffee or tea while at it?


Set your goals for the day, log your dreams if you can remember, write your to-do lists, or just write how you’re feeling. While it can feel silly sometimes to practice personal affirmations, what’s wrong with clearing the negative in your subconscious and pumping yourself up? Nothing! If journaling is what you want to try but don’t know where to start, try starting with no firm intention of what each morning’s entry is. Maybe Monday you write your goals, but Tuesday you jot down your dream, followed by Wednesday’s to-do list and so on.

Can you set aside more than 20 minutes? Happy morning!

Written by Eva Gerrits