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Here we are in 2021 and COVID is still sweeping the nation and the world. As we try to stay safe, keep our families, friends, coworkers, and strangers safe, while facing a time of uncertainty and high anxiety – I wanted to put together a short list of FREE learning resources to help you enjoy your time at home. Below the learning resources are also 3 links to help you and your loved ones find COVID tests if needed. As someone who has spent anxiety-ridden hours searching for a test, the 3 links below helped me the most, and hopefully, they can help you.

(click the titles of each section for the link)

Free Learning Resources:


  • Filling your time with classes that could actually help secure income (Covid-19 Contrac Tracing) or just learning for the sake of growing your mind is a great way to add to your life. Coursera offers free sessions that you can complete in less than a day with the option to earn a certificate. At the end of the course, if you want a certificate, that’s the only thing you need to pay for.

30 Day Yoga Journey

  • If you know me, you already know I am a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene! She just put out a free 30-day yoga course with most sessions being shorter than 30 mins. She’ll walk you through poses with a huge focus on breathing and listening to your body – something we all need right now.

Ultimate Cookery Course

  • Who doesn’t like Gordon Ramsey? Especially when you can learn cooking skills for him for free and without being yelled at. Head over to his youtube channel for his Ultimate Cookery Course where you’ll learn everything from simple recipes, slow-cooked, baking, street food, and more. All his videos are also less than 25 mins.

Herbalist Mini Course

  • Interested in becoming an herbalist but not sure where to begin? This free course is like a crash course on the business side, legal do’s and dont’s, and safety questions when it comes to providing your herbal remedies to customers. Check out the Herbal Academy website for more information and a whole lot more classes and resources.

COVID Testing Resources:

Rapid Result- NJ/PA

  • Rapid Test for $75 and all you do is schedule your appointment and drive up. You’ll receive a text/email with your results within 15 minutes. They are set up at various locations in Central/South Jersey and the Philadelphia area.


  • Free with insurance or through a federal program, just check with your provider. Some locations offer rapid result testing, others offer lab testing (2-3 days). Fill out the form online and check the locations- don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a test near you, filter through a few locations, and check 1-2 days out.

National Resources

  • Just fill in your zip, city, or address to find locations near you. You can find rapid, lab, and antibody testing local to you.