Platforms & Apps We Use That Are ~ Free


Looking for a CRM platform that is web and phone-based? We use HubSpot daily. It is a great way to organize your sales process, keep track of clients, create a digital task list, and more. Being that we are on the go most days of the week, it’s helpful to be able to switch from the desktop to the phone. We can update each client interaction and include key details so that nothing is missed or questioned in our process. Use HubSpot to upload contact information, create statuses that distinguish the stage of your prospect or client, create follow-up reminders, and track deals.


A PDF scanner comes in handy more often than you think. Take photos of single or multi-pages and the Genius Scan transfers them to a PDF. You can edit the look of the document as well such as enhancing the color, switching to black and white, or straightening out the photo’s edge so the result looks just like a photocopy. Upload or email yourself the document, as it connects to apps on your phone. On my iPhone, I just choose the “Other apps” option as I think that it is the easiest. 


Does anyone else get satisfaction when crossing things off your to-do list? If so, this app is for you. We have tried a handful of other app-based lists and this one is hands down the best. Mobile and web-based features are great when you’re on the go. You can assign tasks and due dates/times to yourself and team members, indict important by color, add in notes, subtasks, comments, and more. I use this for work daily but also in my personal life. It is probably my most used productivity app.


This site is a lifesaver when you are running a business. Sometimes you just do not have time to take your photos for websites or presentations and you need high-quality, free, stock photos. Unsplash is our go-to and after reviewing many other companies’ presentations (even publicly traded ones) it seems to be everyone’s number 1. You can search just about any topic and view hundreds of free photos. Even add details in your search for a certain color scheme you are aiming to hit.