Does anyone know how to answer when someone asks ‘how are you’ anymore? Me neither. We live in odd times to say the least. And though it’s as if the world has stopped, I can’t help but try to find ways to make the most of it (as best I can.) You know, do those things that you always say you’re going to do but never find the time? Well time is something we definitely have on our hands. In fact, we have nothing but time. That being said, I wanted to share a few of the things that I have chosen to tackle both personally and professionally. 


  • Finally finishing the rec room. I have been talking about using a spare room in our house for a playroom/game room. Well, it’s finally coming together. I have moved most of my daughter’s toys up there, installed a TV and even used an old pack-and-play for a ball pit. This has helped TREMENDOUSLY during the shift to no nanny while working from home. It keeps her occupied so I can get some work done.
  • Establishing a workout routine. Yes. I am one of those people that used to work out, fell off the wagon and am re-entering the ‘fit fam’. I’m not even ashamed to admit it. Half of the reason people don’t work out is because they claim to not have the time. I don’t have that excuse anymore, so I’m biting the bullet. So far it’s going well.
  • Spring Cleaning. I mean it is spring isn’t it? It’s time to clean out the closets, dust the shelves, put winter clothes away and wipe everything down. I’m getting this out of the way so that when our normal life comes back around, I can take advantage of summer and not spend my time cleaning.
  • Gardening and landscaping. I can’t say it’s my favorite way to spend my time but I do enjoy the results. My boyfriend has a green thumb so growing things is his niche. I can’t even keep a succulent alive. So we’re taking this time to landscape and the vegetable garden and plant the spring flowers in the front yard. 
  • Painting. We’ve been talking about painting various rooms in the house since we bought it. Of course we’ve never found the time to actually execute, but here we are. We are slowly but surely giving our house a facelift. 
  • Spending quality time. I’ve realized how often I check out throughout the day. I’m always on the move and thinking of the next step that I forget to take things in. I am definitely using this time as reflection and focusing on being present in the moment in everything that I do. 


  • Rebranding. Eva and I had decided about a month before the pandemic that we would rebrand. Like mostly everyone, we started working from home and were no longer physically in the field which provided us time to allocate to the project. 
  • Google Vs. Microsoft. We have been a google advocate for a long time. We had weighed both platforms before and couldn’t decide which was more efficient. Recently we took the plunge. We have crossed over to microsoft. We have new emails, new platforms and new apps that we work out of. It will take some time to adjust but the time we have been able to dedicate to it has made it less painful. 
  • Sifting through lead lists. Being a sales company that mainly conducts in-person meetings, we knew that we would have to come up with a plan of action for this time. Luckily we were ahead of the curve. We decided to take this time and go through all of the lead lists that we have created in the past 2 years and reach out to all of the places that had seemingly fallen through the cracks. 
  • Strategic Partnerships. We have definitely taken this time to assess our partnerships. And what our ideal “partner” looks like. Now is the perfect time to develop those relationships.

It’s important to make the most out of our time spent at home. It’s the perfect time to reassess, think, appreciate, be present and certainly time for introspection. It’s also a great time for implementation and preparation. So stay healthy, stay safe and make the most of it. 

Written By: Kristin DeBias