Down the Hill

True crime listeners know all about the Delphi Murders, an incredibly sad and still unsolved crime of two young girls Abby an Libby from Delphi, Indiana. Back in 2017 on a day off from school, these two best friends decided to walk the trails around Monon High Bridge and were never seen alive again. The most insane part of this crime is Libby was able to capture video of the now suspected murderer, yet it remains unsolved. Barbara MacDonald, Dan Szematowicz, and Andrew Iden take listeners back to Delphi and go step by step of what’s publically known about the case today. If you like podcasts that follow one crime and want to really understand the mystery of what is the Delphi Murders – check it out!

107 Degrees

Similiar to Down the Hill, 107 Degrees takes a deep dive into the well-known, bizarre, and still unsolved case of Maura Murray. Erinn Larkin and Ethan Marsh take listeners through the timeline of Maura’s disappearance and down each theory to what may have happened that night in 2004. This case surged with popularity from arm-chair detectives, podcasters and more, creating opposing theories and controversy. After Maura’s mysterious car accident, she disappeared in a matter of minutes, just before cops arrived and was never seen again. Take a listen and let me know what you think…

Full Body Chills

If you’re a reader of this blog or just a true crime addict like me, you know my prasie for Crime Junkie. Well, Ashley Flowers put out a short series of scripted scary stories and it’s a must-listen. It did come out around Halloween but if you haven’t already binged it like I did, take a listen. Also, if you don’t like real crime stories or maybe want something slightly lighter to fall asleep to, Ashley has a great podcast voice and I promise you’ll get spooked.

Listen with Forage Botanicals

Not into true crime or maybe in the mood to hear something different? Well Listen is the perfect podcast to up your knowledge on all things herbal. Herbalist Natasha Richardson focuses on one medicinal plant per episode and interviews other herbalists who share their experience, knowledge, and remedies. The benefits to herbalism are endless and Listen with Forage Botanicals is a great place to start. You get a crash course from professionals and now is the best time to educate yourself on immune boosting remedies.

Written by Eva Gerrits