I wanted to follow up my previous article “The Future of Direct Sales” with an article that outlines what our new “field life” is going to look like. With most states being in the yellow phase and working towards the green phase, it is still very important to continue to take the proper precautions. Here is how we are going to protect ourselves and those around us.

  • Setting up appointments ahead of time– We are starting to set up meetings ahead of time. By booking our appointments, we stack our weeks which makes for better time management. It’s harder to cold call with the health restrictions; by setting up meetings, we are respecting both our health and those around us. 
  • Masks on at all times– This needs no explanation. To all you people that don’t think masks are necessary – read a science book. 
  • Gloves and hand sanitizer on deck– Doors handles, keypads, elevator buttons – O My! While we know that it’s nearly impossible to avoid germs all together, we believe it to be important to always be equipped and be aware of our surroundings. Any surface area in a public place is a breeding ground for transmittable germs. Do your part and minimize transmission. 
  • Taking care of our own health– Everything starts with you. Taking responsibility for your own health is the first step. We are going to make sure that we are getting plenty of rest, eating healthy and even taking a holistic approach by stocking up on Eva’s fire cider and tinctures. 
  • Continuing to limit social activity– COVID is far from over and we need to treat it as such. Just because things are getting better doesn’t mean we shouldn’t limit our social activity outside of work as well. 
  • Continuing to monitor– It is important to always be ready to assess and reassess especially when health situations can change rather quickly. We understand that these protocols might not be in place forever, but for the time being we need to apply certain procedures as it pertains to all of our health. 

Written By: Kristin DeBias