Energetek asks a future graduate to shed light on what this upcoming graduating class is looking for in a workplace.

As my graduation day is growing nearer, I can’t help but think of this upcoming chapter of my life as enchanting. There are many opportunities left to be sought and so many potential paths to go down, the sky is literally the limit. During the search for my first job, I have learned a lot about myself and my needs. I think my biggest hope is to be able to make a difference in whatever job I land. I want an organization to let me apply my creative thinking to my work in a way that is valuable and impactful. I believe, as well as many other millennials, that the thirst to help create positive change is something that we internally strive for in the workforce. I don’t want to just clock in and clock out. 

I look at a career as the center to build my life around. An employer must be something or promote something that I can relate to, in order for me to attach myself to the company. Generally, I believe that this viewpoint is shared by many young people in the workforce. Ultimately, I want people around me to genuinely love their work because it inspires them on a daily basis to grow and achieve the things that push the perception of what is possible. I have found there to be a shift in the attractiveness of cohesive work spaces. In college, we have a lot of group projects. We must work together to achieve a common goal. We bounce ideas off of each other, challenge each other and encourage each other – there is a sense of teamwork. I have learned that this is an important element to me in a workplace environment. 

Philanthropy is another aspect of a company that is very important to me. I believe that a company is not only measured by their worth but by the impact they make in their community. A company that gives back and provides a platform for the greater good will always win in my book. 

In short, I believe that my graduating class is not only looking for a workplace, they are looking for a home. A home that they can cultivate the skills needed to not only develop themselves but develop their voice. A home where their voice is heard and their creativity flourishes. A home where they can work together to achieve greatness. A home that they can call their own. 

Written by David DeBias – St. Joseph’s University Class of 2020