If you’re not learning, you’re not growing, and that’s where success stops. So when I’m not listening to murder podcasts (check out my blog post a few months back) during my frequent drives for work, I’m filling my brain with these 4 podcasts. Here are a mix of business, health, and science podcasts for you to subscribe and learn from:

The Holistic Herbalism Podcast

We unfortunately have become the type of culture that opts to lessen the pain instead of find the route of the sickness and fix the problem. How many times have you taken Tums for stomach pain but never thought about your eating or lifestyle pattern that is making you ill? The quick fix for a headache is an aspirin or ibuprofen, and as these sources of treatment are sometimes necessary, we must dig deeper. My mom actually got me on this podcast as we both take a great interest in herbal remedies and discovering that the things we can grow in the garden can actually heal. Clinical herbalists Katja Swift & Ryn Midura of the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism converse on herbal remedies, self-care, holistic education and a different approach to healing.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

This is one of the staples of business podcasts. If you want to know how some of the biggest brands got their start, this is the one to subscribe to. While host Guy Raz interviews cofounders from companies such as Headspace, Bumble, Zappos, and Burt’s bees, you come to find out that their startup stories are 100% relatable. If you need motivation to keep going strong on your entrepreneurial journey, take a listen.

Houston We Have a Podcast

Want to know the science behind meals for astronauts, or the physical toll of the trip back from the International Space Station, or just about any questions you have about the universe? I recently came across this podcast and have been bingeing it. As the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center, host Gary Jordan interviews NASA leaders, scientists, meteorologists, astronauts and more. It’s hard to wrap my head around what’s beyond our atmosphere, but the sure thing is that we on earth are just a very small part of it; miniscule. It’s inspiring to hear the tremendous amount of work, skill, and brainpower that NASA and other space agencies have. Space is overwhelmingly awesome, no other way to say it.

The BizChix Podcast

For my morning commute and drive between sales meetings, I wanted to find a podcast that covered a wide variety of business topics and provided great business ideas. Natalie Eckdahl created the perfect podcast for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business and improve leadership skills. One of my favorite aspects of BizChix is the mix in episode length. If I have a short ride, like 20 mins, I can listen to a complete episode that’s packed with great information.

Written by Eva Gerrits