New Year, More Zen You

The new year is almost upon us and I don’t know about you, but I want to begin 2020 with a clear mind space. Sometimes you just need a full cleanse of “things” to relieve some anxiety and have a fresher start. Below are 30 simple things you can do to shake off some 2019 and start the year with a minimalist approach:

  1. Erase old voicemails
  2. Delete unneeded phone contacts
  3. Donate or up-cycle the clothes you no longer wear
  4. Delete old and unneeded emails
  5. Remove yourself from spam/junk email lists
  6. Donate shoes you never wear or if needed throw them away
  7. Clean out your car- vacuum & wipe down
  8. Get all of your laundry done
  9. Match bedsheet sets and store together
  10. Clean out the fridge
  11. Donate old movies you’re never going to watch again
  12. Delete apps you don’t use
  13. Delete txt message convos that you don’t need to save
  14. Delete photos in your phone that aren’t important
  15. Clean out the download file on your computer
  16. Clean out the document file on your computer
  17. Store away seasonal clothes when not wearing
  18. Label storage boxes
  19. Record business card info electronically and then recycle the cards
  20. Clean out your wallet
  21. Delete unneeded notes or reminders in your phone
  22. Donate books you won’t read again or never will
  23. Organize your closet by color
  24. Erase the history on your computer
  25. Pick your messiest drawer in the kitchen and reorganize it
  26. File important papers
  27. Throw away pens and markers that don’t work
  28. Get rid of outdated spices
  29. Finally part with furniture you’ve been storing and probably will never use
  30. Delete what you don’t need to save on your iCloud