Murder with a Side of Ice Cream

Research shows that there is a pattern between crime and weather; as the temperatures rise, so does crime. In the past, violent crime has shown a downward trend during winter months as people tend to stay inside to keep warm. In fact, many areas across the country saw a plunge in crime during a period of record-breaking cold temperatures. Per NBC News.

Reports from many of the places hit hardest by record-shattering cold, including those that rarely see ice or snow, seem to support the theory. Police calls are down in Memphis. Major crimes have plunged in Boston. Rural Medina County, Ohio is enjoying a near-stoppage in property crime. New York just celebrated 12 consecutive days without a murder — the longest such stretch since the NYPD began collecting data in 1994. 

This seems obvious, right? Colder weather = less people out and about. On the flip side, higher temps can also mean shorter tempers as more people leave their homes in search of summer activities. So what’s the connection to ice cream? And does it matter the flavor, cone vs. cup, or a classic sundae? Fortunately, the kind doesn’t matter- but the overall need for the sweet treat does.  

There is an overflow of data available to support the overall notion that violent crime rises in the warmer months. So, as the ice cream trucks increase their routes, so do murderers and other criminals. Besides the obvious need to keep eyes and ears open, why does this matter? 

Two words: CLIMATE. CHANGE. It’s real, it’s not getting any better, and it’s impacting our safety (and ice cream). 

By Michelle