What do the weather and convicted felons have in common? 

Well, apparently more than one would think. As most of us have seen in not just Pennsylvania but across the country, convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante has been on the run for over a week. Calvacante managed to escape a Chester County prison on August 31 and has evaded capture ever since. Although there have been several credible sightings, including a reported break-in and at least two treks into Longwood Gardens, authorities have been unable to capture Calvacante. 

Recently found guilty of the murder of his ex-girlfriend, the 5’ Calvacante escaped by horizontally scaling a wall- a move another prisoner semi-successfully attempted on May 19. In this case, the prisoner, Igor Bolte, was seen and captured within minutes of scaling the wall. 

But why was Bolte captured within moments and Calvacante is still on the loose? Several factors apply. The most obvious answer is the guard who was supposed to be keeping watch did not witness the escape; this guard has since been placed on administrative leave. Second, we cannot ignore Calvacante’s size, as he is only five feet tall and 120 lbs. A smaller stature man hiding in a densely thick area of Chester County makes for a difficult chase. It has been reported officers are unable to go far into the surrounding areas without having to turn back. 

Where does the weather fit into all of this? Well, the hottest heatwave of the year is also giving Cavalcante more room to roam. Officials are unable to pick up body heat on thermal cameras and sensors because it is so hot outside. We do know he has broken into several homes as he has new clothing, a duffel bag, and has had food. Calvacante is also allegedly following local streams, so we can assume he has kept minimally hydrated. 

With the incoming storms, who knows how this front will affect the search; will the rain drown him out? Or will officials continue to struggle to find him in the rain? 

By Michelle